Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Do U YouTube?

If U do... what do U youtube?

Says a lot about who we are.. where we have been and what we hold most dear.

These youtubes show who I am.. who are you?
Share what you youtube and show a little about who you are.. Beatles in Miami
to song "I'll follow the sun" unreal orange bowl parade Come Monday, JB
how to choose a mentor... Rebbe explains
The Missing Piece of the Puzzle.. explains the famous song.

Never let go of love, search for it, find it, hold onto it, cherish it.

Believe, may you have a Bracha to find your missing piece of the puzzle, your pal, your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.

Brachas, Bobbi

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Website For Jewish Singles To Find Their Soulmate

Test.. this is a test!

This is a new blog/website designed for people who want to share info, post profiles as comments or give advice.. talk... find their beshert.

I don't care if you are Hard Core Frum, Black Hat, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Conservadox, Traditional or Can't Decide What You Are..

If you want to find a Jewish Mate and share Jewish things such as Shabbos (on whatever level you keep it) and Kosher (even if you eat salads at Wild Oats or only eat Yoshen) and I don't care what your yarmulke looks like or if your black hat makes you looks like a Lubavitcher or Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina..

Maybe you love Matisyahu. Maybe you love The Eagles.

Maybe you only listen to :) (great DJ and songs)

Maybe you listen to

Maybe you listen to Torah online at Aish or

Maybe you YouTube:

Maybe you used to Twist and Shout and now all you want to do is find some nice lady or man to sit and watch the sunset with...

Who are you?

What do you really want?

Maybe you used to be Lubavitch but aren't really that frum anymore but you still have a picture of the Rebbe, daven Nusah Ari and send in brochos to the Ohel?

Maybe you used to be very religious and don't want to be but "do not want to date a non jewish person"

Maybe you want to connect, keep growing and don't keep Cholev Yisroel but would if it was important to your beshert...

This isn't about frumkite.. it's a given that anyone here wants someone who is Jewish and connected on some levels..

This is about ..


What moves you..

Do you like sunsets, sunrises or just want to be left alone to go online and read the news.

Do you read the news online or with newsprint all over your fingertips or do you like to watch the Nightly News?

Who are you?

What moves you?

What do you need most in life?

IF you could make a list of ten things you really want out of a mate and marriage what would they be??

FIVE things...

Tell me.. email me at

Good luck.. hope someone finds their soulmate and finds happiness.

Because... we believe in Eevdo Es Hashem B'Simcha!

Serve the Lord With Joy and it is easier to be joyful when you are happy, in love and have someone to share Shabbos and life with... be it a sunrise, a sunset or sit quietly reading the news together on your laptops.

Be happy.. Bobbi